Dealing with complexity lies at the heart of Para Limes.

Its purpose is to probe the future of our world through daring explorations.

Most progress of the human condition has been triggered by individuals with explorative minds and original ideas. They dared to take steps in the unknown and open new perspectives for humanity. As complex and existential threats to humanity have started to destabilize our societies and cloud our views, the world, more than ever, needs explorers.

Para Limes was set up to invigorate explorations in a complex world and to be a platform from which explorations are launched.        It will do so by:

  • Developing conferences, workshops and projects that bring together people with different backgrounds, disciplines, and experiences and from different generations to find and free the power of combinations of tested knowledge and approaches.  
  • Combining the strengths of different sciences, humanities, arts, engineering disciplines, tested knowledge, wisdom and youthful daring into new, creative and powerful ways to address essential and complex problems in society.
  • Matching visionary philanthropists, and funding organizations who seek to anticipate and address plausible major challenges and opportunities for humanity that others miss, with researchers who are pushing the boundaries of knowledge and its applications.

Its Value Proposition is:

  • To use complexity lenses to explore the world and the challenges it poses
  • To match the power of the present day knowledge with the challenges of the future.
  • To expose people and organisations to those challenges, to present them with possible ways to address those and to entice them to work towards solutions.

Para Limes means “Beyond Boundaries”, implying that its explorations are not limited by methods, disciplines, nationality, institutes or generations, but by imagination only.