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Ir Rein Willems

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Ir Rein Willems

Ir Rein Willems (1945) studied Chemical Engineering at Delft University. In 1969 he started his career at Royal Dutch Shell in various manufacturing and marketing functions in Australia, the U.K. and The Netherlands. In 1989 he joined Shell Brasil as Chemicals director. From 1993–1997 he was Country Chairman of the Shell Companies in The Philippines, and from 1997–2003 he was member of the Shell Chemical global executive committee responsible for the Base Chemicals Division.

He became President Director of Shell Netherlands in 2003 until September 2007. He became member of the Government Innovation platform in 2004 under leadership of PM Balkenende. He joined the Dutch Senate in June 2007 as member of the Christian Democratic Party (CDA) until mid 2011. He had various Board positions with Van Leeuwen Buizen (chairman), Essent (chairman), NLII (Netherlands Investment Institute (chairman), FOM, VU, Caldic, between 2007 and 2018.

At present he is member of the Supervisory Board of the Boerhaave Museum and member of the Stak of Fugro and member of the council of the local Protestant church.

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