Para Limes

Jan Wouter Vasbinder

Governing Board

Jan Wouter Vasbinder

Jan Wouter Vasbinder studied physics at the Technical University of Delft (1972). 45 years of working experience in the Netherlands, Israel, USA, Canada and Singapore, working in industry, government, diplomacy, private consultancy and universities.

Passionate about exploring new, potentially powerful, combinations of knowledge, arts, philosophy and practice and about developing projects and programs to make such combinations useful.

Initiated the interdisciplinary Institute Para Limes in Europe in 2003. Moved to the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore in 2011 to develop the NTU Complexity Institute.

Organized a large number of high-level interdisciplinary conferences to explore new areas of research, innovation and thought. Returned to the Netherlands in September 2018 to start Para Limes @ Europe. His motto is: “the value of knowledge is in its use”.

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