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Peter Robertson

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Peter Robertson

Peter Robertson studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam and worked in immunology at the University of Amsterdam and the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota). He later specialized as a psychiatrist, and psychotherapist, with a sub-specialization in neurology. He applied his background to a career of over 35 years of international experience as a boardroom consultant in the USA, Europe, and Asia. First at KPMG (Amsterdam & London) and later as an independent professional. His academic focus is cybernetics, complexity thinking, ecology, and ethology. He has experience as an executive lecturer and associate professor at several Universities in the Netherlands, China, and the USA.

His research and development focus is applying ethological concepts in the field of corporate governance. Peter teaches at the Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands and is an associate of Change Logic, Boston, Ma. His focus is organization ecology, strategic diversity, life-cycle dynamics, and leadership and governance derailment. He is a member of the International Society of Systems Sciences and the American Society of Cybernetics.

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