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Conference “Illusion of Control”

Illusion of control

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15-17 May 2023, Swedish Royal Academy, Stockholm, Sweden

Conference “Ageing”

Changing relationships between humans and their societies 16-18 November 2023, Strassbourg, France

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Book of essays on the futures of universities To be published in September 2022

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Do we need a second Enlightenment? To be determined in 2022

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The power of relations between grandparent and grandchildren To be determined in 2022
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The history of ideas   2023
Nature of change, change of nature   2023
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Para Limes Explorations Matching great ideas with Adventure Capital Ongoing

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On  May 15th – 17th, 2023,  Para Limes, the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences), Princeton University and Arizona State University  will organize an international conference with the theme: Illusion of Control

The conference will be held in the Auditorium of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and will be hybrid in nature, allowing participation in Stockholm or on-line.

The conference is about the illusion of control. Most humans live with such illusions as if they are reality. They perceive to be in control of the real world, but see only a reduced reality, that is part of a large and complex world with many unknown cause and effect relationships.

Throughout history, humans have simplified their world to get control over the supply of food and water, to protect themselves and to procreate. In that sense humans were never different from any other living creature that evolution produced.

But somewhere in the evolution of mankind we became aware of the context within which our lives play itself out, and we looked for ways to change and control that context. As the collective human impact becomes more visible, it often becomes clear that we humans (as individuals organizations or governments) hardly are in control of the consequences of the change of context that we initiate(d) over time. Our control may be an illusion. Or more appropriately, our illusions are in control. It is time to think about our future as a context over the emergence of which we cannot have control.

Confirmed speakers are Miguel Centeno, Daniel Brooks, Sean Cleary, Liesbeth Feikema, Atsushi Iriki, Bilahari Kausikan, Helga Nowotny, Nick Obolensky, Gert van Santen, Terry Sejnowski, Andrew Sheng, Sander van der Leeuw

More detailed information will follow soon. If you are interested, send an e-mail to info@paralimes.org, indicating whether you expect to participate in Stockholm or on-line.