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Workshop “Buying Time” to prepare for conference “Buying Time” took place on 13-16 January 2020

Conference “Buying Time” 

Actions plans to deal with consequences of climate change December 2020 in Malaysia


Changing relationships between humans and their societies 2021

AI – social networks

To be determined 2022

2nd Enlightenment

Do we need one? 2021
East West Dialogue Follow – up to the dialogue in Singapore in 2016 – 2017 2021
What if there were no universities? Would we invent them? If so, what would they look like? 2021
The history of ideas   2022
Can we buy the future? Is money all we need? 2021
A good life What does it mean? Are there values common to all people? 2022
Nature of change, change of nature    
Science and religion    
Para Limes Explorations: Matching great ideas with Adventure Capital Ongoing