Workshop: NTU-CHC Human Cognition


12 November 2012
Nanyang Executive Centre
Lecture Hall 2, Level 2
9:00 a.m. – 4:10 p.m.

(in conjunction with the MoU signing between NTU and
KEIO-RIKEN Research Centre For Human Cognition)


As we advance the sciences and engineering, we understand more and more of the world around us. However, a final frontier stands before us: we ourselves. Social and economic complexity stems from our cognitive capacities and interactions, and therefore we cannot build a better world for human beings until we understand more of this aspect of our being. In the Nanyang Technological University, many cores of research excellence in neuroscience and cognitive science exist. We hope to bring all of these research under the umbrella of a single research, in hope that the different existing research themes would collide and yield sparks that would ignite far grander explorations into the human mind. To build up such a university-wide institute, we aim to leverage on the existing internal expertise, as well as tap on an international network of research partners. This workshop, where we formalise the partnership with the Keio University-RIKEN Center for Human Cognition, represents an important first step forward.


Prof Hideyuki Okano, Centre Director, Keio-RIKEN Research Centre for Human Cognition (CHC), Professor and Chair, Graduate School of Medicine, Keio University

Prof Atsushi Iriki, Head, Lab for Symbolic Cognitive Development, RIKEN Brain Science Institute

A/P Yumiko Yamazaki, CHC/RIKEN

A/P Junichi Ushiba, CHC/Keio University

Dr. Keigo Hikishima, Keio University

Ast/P Justin Dauwels, EEE, NTU

Ast/P Domenico Campolo, MAE, NTU

Ast/P Yoon Yong Jin, MAE, NTU

A/P Tan Ah Hwee, SCE, NTU

A/P Kerry Lee, NIE, NTU

A/P Douglas Matthews, HSS, NTU

Prof Hong Ying-Yi, NBS, NTU

Ast/P Cheong Siew Ann, SPMS, NTU