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10-on-10: The Chronicles of Evolution

10-on-10: The Chronicles of Evolution

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Date: February to November

Venue: Various venues, Singapore

11 December 2017 (Epilogue)

Sydney Brenner​ – The Neutral Clock for the History of Life​

Eörs Szathmáry​​ – Difficult Questions About Evolution ​

Gerd B. Müller​​ – Towards an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis

20 November 2017

Helga Nowotny – A Humble View From Inside Evolution

Stefan Thurner – Why it Could Make Sense to Understand How Evolution Works—Finally—After 1010 years​

13 October 2017

W. Brian Arthur – The Emergence of Technology in Human History
Sander van der Leeuw – The Evolution of Innovation

18 September 2017

Roland Fletcher – Hominin Cultural Evolution: Pattern and Process over 4 Million Years
J. Stephen Lansing – The Challenge of the Anthropocene

14 August 2017

Tecumseh Fitch – The Evolution of the Human Capacity for Language
Nick Enfield – The Evolutions of Language

14 July 2017

Terrence Sejnowski – Evolving Brains
Atsushi Iriki – A Presage of Anthropocene: How the Primate Brain and Its Learning Capacity Co-evolves with the Environment

6 June 2017

Francis Thackeray – Human Evolution in Africa, a Probabilistic Definition of a Species and Sigma Taxonomy
Svante Pääbo – A Neandertal Perspective on the Human Genome

23 May 2017

Byrappa Venkatesh – Evolution and Diversity of Fishes: The Largest Group of Extant Vertebrates
John Long – The Early Evolution of Sex as Told through the Fossil Record

10 April 2017

Detlev Arendt – From Nerve Net to Brain: The Rise of the Urbilaterian in Animal Evolution
Per Ahlberg – The Origin and Early Evolution of Vertebrates: From Jawless Wonders to the Conquest of the Land

13 March 2017

Jack W. Szostak – The Origin of Cellular Life
Hyman Hartman – The Origin of the Genetic Code and Metabolism: From the Eukaryotic Cell to the Carbonaceous Chondrites

21 February 2017

Sydney Brenner – Why We Need to Talk about Evolution
John D. Barrow – The Origin and Evolution of the Universe