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[Photos] 3rd Singapore Heritage Science

Vibeke Sorensen (Chair of School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University) welcomes conference attendees.
Alan Chan (Dean, College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University) delivers his opening speech.


Brenda Yeoh (Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore) introduces Wang Gungwu.

Wang Gungwu (National University of Singapore University Professor) delivers his keynote address, “Heritage and History.”

Brenda Yeoh facilitating the Q & A session on Wang Gungwu’s keynote address.

Joseph Tainter (Professor of Sustainability in the Department of Environment and Society, Utah State University) delivers his talk, “Innovation, Complexity, and Cultural Heritage”.
Susan Mcintyre-Tamwoy (Associate Director, Extent Heritage Pty Ltd and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, James Cook University) delivers her talk, “Transborder ICH and the Challenges for Implementation of the Convention.”
Stefano Bertocci (Professor of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence) delivers his talk, “3D Digital Survey and Documentation: Complex Interactions between Tangible and Intangible Properties of Architectural Heritage.”
The panelists taking questions from the audience.

Helga Nowotny introduces the next panel of speakers.
Sheila Ronis (Chair and Professor of the Department of Management and Director of the Center for Complex and Strategic Decisions, Walsh College) delivers her talk, “Singapore Story: A Heritage Visionario in 2035.”
Kevin Tan (President, International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), Singapore) delivers his talk, “Protecting Intangible Cultural Heritage in Singapore: Identity and Identification.”
Cheong Siew Ann (Associate Professor, Division of Physics & Applied Physics, Nanyang Technological University) delivers his portion of the talk, “Sustainable Heritage Impact Factor Theory (SHIFT): A Framework for Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Cultural Heritage.”
The panelists taking questions from the audience.

Harold Thwaites (Professor and Advisor to the Faculty of Arts at Sunway University) gives his talk, “Performing Heritage: Digital Transformations of the Cultural Imaginary.”
Pedro Memelsdorff (Professor, Schola Cantorum Basel and University of Barcelona) gives his talk, “Microcosmos”.
Kalamandalam M.P.S. Namboodiri, a Kathakali performer, gives his talk, “Evolution, Methods and Contemporary Challenges in Actor Training – Kathakali Dance Drama.”
L-R: Caren Cariño, Som Binte Mohamed Said, Janet Pillai, Pedro Memelsdorff, Harold Thwaites, Kalamandalam M.P.S. Namboodiri, Mei Qing

Zhou Min (Head, Sociology Division, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University) introduces the speakers for the fourth panel on Cuisine: Legacy, Transmission, Transformation .
Anna Juricic (Sociologist, Life Consultant, Mentor in Personal Development and Transformation, Italy) gives her talk, “The Powerful Impact of Food, Thoughts and Emotions on our Wellbeing.”
Andrea Nanetti gives a talk on behalf of Dimitris Maniatakis (Chairman of the Maniatakeion Foundation, Greece) entitled, “The UNESCO Mediterranean Diet Adventure. An Insight Perspective by the Maniatakeion Foundation as a Founding Member and Technical Advisor of the Greek Emblematic Community “
Daniel Chia (President, Slow Food Singapore) presents his talk, “Singapore’s Food Heritage: Eat it, Share it, Save it?”
Leslie Tay (Doctor, Author, Blogger, Photographer and Speaker) gives his talk, “ieat’s Guide to Singapore’s Greatest Hawker Food!”
L-R: Leslie Tay, Andrea Nanetti, Daniel Chia, Anna Juricic, Mei Qing (moderator) at a panel Q & A.

Conference chairs, Cheong Siew Ann and Andrea Nanetti, give their closing remarks.

Jan W. Vasbinder (Director, Para Limes) and Alan Chan (Dean, College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences) enjoying the cocktail reception.