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Seminar: Algos Everywhere – Future Opportunities and Risks

Seminar: Algos Everywhere – Future Opportunities and Risks

Mr Michael Reilly

Senior Researcher – Foresight, Government Office for Science in UK

Michael Reilly is a Senior Researcher who works with the Foresight unit in the UK Government Office for Science to think systematically about the future. He has been involved in projects exploring global environmental migration, computer trading in financial markets, and most recently, the future of manufacturing. His analysis of food system scenarios and modelling was published by the Royal Society in the UK. ‘Algos everywhere’ is his current research project.

Date: 22 May 2012

Time: 3pm – 4pm

Venue: Lecture Room 4, Level 3, Nanyang Executive Centre, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Address: 60 Nanyang View, Singapore 639673


An algorithm is a well-defined problem-solving process. This seeming simplicity belies an ever expanding number and variety of real-world algo applications including computer-based trading in financial markets, logistic optimisation, cryptography, business analytics, preventative medicine, online dating, and large-scale surveillance. Some experts argue that algorithms are a general purpose technology that will revolutionise our lives. But there may be downside risks to the ubiquity of algos and policies on their use are not evolving at the same rate as their development. This seminar will explore some of the opportunities and the risks of a world where algos are everywhere.