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Balanced Sustainability in a Changing World


[World Scientific]
Exploring Complexity: Volume 10

Balanced Sustainability in a Changing World

Edited by Ernst Pöppel & Maria Reinisch (2024)
World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd
The Federation of German Scientists together with the Institute of Medical Psychology, Ludwig Maximilian University, organized an interdisciplinary and international “autumn school” in 2023 when 30 young researchers and students participated. This important volume comprises lectures presented by international leading scientists and prominent experts from different academic fields who provided the background knowledge for “balanced sustainability in a changing world”

Topics selected in the first block of lectures focused on climate change and biodiversity. And in the second block, lectures were given on social and personal challenges in a changing world: How should “smart cities” be organized in the future, and how a successful urban transformation can be managed. Then it was explained how a neuropolitical approach to humanization can help to overcome polarization in countries. The aspect of a necessary social togetherness was addressed in the third block with an example from Nepal and beyond. Finally, in a fourth block, questions of peace and intercultural spirit were evaluated.

How can we reach and maintain equanimity in a changing world? How can peace be obtained? All these lectures were followed by intense discussions with the students, and their questions reflect the interdisciplinary background of the participants.

It is hoped that the pragmatic suggestions from the participants of this autumn school will provide inspiration in finding solutions for imminent global and local problems.