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Fit for Purpose? The Futures of Universities


[World Scientific]


Exploring Complexity: Volume 9

Fit for Purpose? The Futures of Universities

Edited by Jan W. Vasbinder & Jonathan Sim (2022)

World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd
Schools and universities educate (mostly young) people, to equip them to deal with the future as it unfolds from the present. The question — whether these schools and universities are fit for that purpose — has always been relevant, even in slow-paced times of relative stability, where the future seems predictable as a simple extension of the past.

Now that the future is not predictable anymore. Slow-paced times have gone. The relative stability in which universities developed and educated successive generations is gone. The question whether universities are fit for purpose is now more relevant than ever.

In this book, ten leading thinkers and eighteen students from different continents, countries and cultures present their views on futures of universities and whether present-day universities are fit for purpose. It is an exploration, meant to inform, inspire and crystallize discussions.