[Preview] Singapore Platform for East-West Dialogue with Wang Gungwu


On 19 September, Professor Wang Gungwu spoke at our monthly Singapore Platform for East-West Dialogue. He focused on the different conception of law by the East versus the West.

The following is a selection of tweets highlighting the main points he made.


The East and West have interacted for a long time


Implications of “Rule of Law”


The relationship between the ruler and the ruled in China


Legal history of China: How Confucianism came to hold sway


Confucian conception of the law


The main nub of the legal disagreement between East and West


China’s puzzlement over the implementation of  international law


China’s suspicions of Western motives


Prof. Wang answering a question about the balance of power


An interesting fact


East versus West on individualism


The South China Sea issue


China’s priorities